Dr. Shailendra Goel, one of the best urologist in Noida & Delhi/NCR region shares, issues related to human kidney are on the rise in the current environment in which we all are surrounded with a lifestyle which leaves us socially more prone and vulnerable to ceasing to such diseases which can harm our dear health in a big way. While the transplant of our kidney remains a bugged achievement in the medical science, it remains to be noted that there are several do and do not which are supposed to follow religiously while pursuing such cases for our dear ones.

The Process:

Kidney transplantation has several steps which are supposed to be followed vigorously which is as follows:

We get two types of donors who are acceptable to donate the kidney to a patient in need

  • The living donor – somebody who voluntarily decides to go ahead and donate one of his or her kidney, who will henceforth be required to undergo a surgery to get it removed from the body.
  • Deceased donor – This option enables an individual to donate his vital organs like the kidney to donate to the concerned authority who will subsequently supply the same to someone in need.

Several health-related check-ups are also an essential part which is conducted on both the recipient and the donor in order to enhance the success of the subsequent surgery. Majorly these tests fall into three brackets which include:

  1. Blood type match – This test is self-explanatory as it is conducted in order to match the blood group of the donor with the recipient.
  2. Tissue match –  This particular test is conducted in order to scale and define few particular type of proteins in the body of the donor and recipient’s body like antigens which are available in the human blood and the tissue.
  3. Crossmatch – This is done through the mix up of cells between the recipient’s and donor’s body.

A transplant surgery for one of our vital human body organs, kidney wherein a healthy and fully functional one needs to be placed in an ailing patients body requires obviously a kidney in a good condition, which in most of the cases can be obtained from a deceased body who has expired recently or in certain cases also from a person who will be a living one, and most often be someone related by blood with the recipient. In such cases, getting the kidney from someone alive would be termed as living donor kidney otherwise the patient would have to place a request with the concerned authorities in order to get a suitable kidney for the purpose of transplantation.

Medically it is proven that whenever something of alien nature gets into our body, our body composition tries to attack the same in order to save itself from any harm which may arise out of the alien component to the human body. Hence a perfect match needs to be determined in advance plus the patients are also supposed to be taking medicines which are named as immunosuppressants in order to successfully carry the kidney transplantation in the body and subsequently survive the same.

It is to be noted that most of the transplanted kidneys are placed in the lower abdomen area which is near to the groin of the human body. The surgeon concerned would do the technical work like connecting the artery along with the veins from the donor’s kidney to recipient’s kidney so that post the surgery is complete the blood in the patient’s body should be flowing the newly transplanted kidney.

It has also been seen in many cases through the past experiences of surgeons that a many of times the newly transplanted kidney might not start the work immediately in the patients body, but gradually it is seen in several cases that the same starts its respective work in a few weeks time until or unless there are infections left over in the patient body due to the faulty kidney which was present in the patient body previously. The period in which the new kidney might not work, the patient would require being undergoing the dialysis so that in the meantime the body wastes remain filtered.

Dr. Goel has a vast experience in handling of kidney transplant in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad & Delhi and has been consulting patients successfully from pan India.