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17 questions everyone has about the penis

“Size does not matter,” said Dr. Shailendra Goyal, a urologist and sexologist in Noida. “You know why size doesn’t matter? Because the top one-inch of the penis and first inch of the vagina (which includes the clitoris and G-spot) is where we are most sensitive – this is where sexual pleasure comes from,” he added.

Over his 23-year practice, Dr. Goyal has repeatedly answered this question and others about erection, masturbation and sexual pleasure.

Representational image. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We asked Dr. Goyal to answer the most frequently asked questions about the penis; as well as a bunch of questions he wants more people to ask him:

Penis FAQs

Q1: What is the average penis size for Indian males?

A: It depends on where you start measuring!

A section of the penis (about half of it) isn’t visible; the correct way to measure the penis is from the pubic bone. If you measure it right, the average Indian penis is seven to eight inches. (Remember, some of it is inside the body. You can’t see it.)

The part that’s visible outside is three to five inches on average.

Q2: What is the average girth?

A: The short answer is that it doesn’t matter.

Q3: Can I do something to increase penis size?

A: Quacks will tell you yes; I say no. Drugs won’t work, home remedies definitely won’t work. There are surgical options. Remember how I said that a part of the penis is inside the body. Surgeons can draw some of it out. But I wouldn’t recommend that surgery.

Q4: Does penis size matter?

A: Nope. Not unless the penis is so big, it causes the woman in the relationship discomfort or actual pain during sex. And that’s definitely not a good thing.

Barring extreme cases, each couple has to explore to find sexual pleasure. That’s what matters – your personal chemistry and the right amount of preparation.

Q5: How long does it take the average Indian man to get an erection?

A: Depends on the man. It depends on his mood. It depends on the chemistry between partners.

Q6: How long should sex last?

A: Just the sex part? That’s 2-5 minutes. Anyone who tells you otherwise has been watching too much porn or is a braggart with not a leg to stand on. The foreplay and after-sex intimacy, now that is entirely up to the couple.

Q7: Is a bent penis normal?

A: A little bit, sure.

Q8: Do height or race affect penis size?

A: Based on ethnicity, height, and overall health, the penis size can vary somewhat. But there’s no guarantee that a tall, broad Afghan man in good health will have a larger penis or a short, stout Indian man will have a smaller one. At the risk of repeating myself, size doesn’t matter. Girth doesn’t matter.

Q9: Can I accidentally bend or break my penis?

A: It’s like any other part of the body; if you’re rough with it, you can hurt it.

Q10: Can my penis become thin if I masturbate?

A: First, masturbation is healthy. When the body makes semen, it has to come out some way – whether it is during intercourse or masturbation or through night-time emissions.

Second, no, you can’t make it thin.

Third, girth doesn’t matter.

Fourth, remember what we discussed in the last question – be gentle with yourself.

Q11: Does shoe size or length of the forearm indicate the size of the penis?

A: Your race and body contour – height, breadth, health – have something to do with penis size. But there are no guarantees, and definitely no reliable correlation.

Q12: Should I shave or trim my pubic hair?

A: Your pubic hair is there for a reason. You can trim it or cut it to make it neat if you like.

Q13: Can I do something about the penis smell?

A: Penis hygiene – finally something that does matter a great deal! 

The penis smell is because of this natural lubricant called smegma. When we don’t pull the foreskin back to clean it, this smegma gathers under it and can smell a bit. If we ignore the smell and let the smegma gather, it can cause balanitis.

Questions Dr. Goyal wishes you would ask

Q14: What’s the right way to clean my penis?

A: Most men don’t know how to clean their penis: when you’re in the bath, gently pull back the foreskin, pour a steady stream of room temperature water on the penis head and shaft. Pull the skin back over the penis when you’re done. Don’t use any soap, wipes or deodorizers.

Q15: What is balanitis?

A: It’s an inflammation. The skin over the penis head can become irritated, and even infected if you don’t clean the penis properly or if you clean with harsh soaps. This is known as balanitis. Ask your doctor about medication to fight the infection. As a rule, consult your doctor if you feel pain while peeing.

Q16: Should I pee after sex?

A: No, not for the next 10-15 minutes. It’s ridiculous that men who have been married, divorced and married again don’t know this.

The penis does three important things: you have sex with it, pee with it and make babies with it. But the penis is rubbish at multitasking. It’s not alone. Think about other parts of your body that do multiple things – just not all at the same time. You don’t swallow and sneeze at the same time, though there is the involvement of the throat in both.

Peeing after sex helps women avoid urinary tract infections. But it is a significant cause of UTIs in men.

Before sex, roll the foreskin back. After, gently roll it back to the front. And wash under the foreskin.

Q17: Do I need to teach penis hygiene to my two-year-old?

A: Absolutely. When children are born, the foreskin is usually very tight. Don’t force it back. As your baby grows up, try to gently roll the foreskin back to wash under. As the child grows up and learns how to bathe, teach him to do this on his own.