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4 Treatments For Kidney Stones

The combination of certain substances in the urinary channels or inside the kidneys favours the formation of kidney stones. Generally, diets high in salt and industrialized foods, combined with low hydration and family history, are relevant factors in this context. Precisely because they contribute to the composition of this solid mass. According to the best urologist in Noida, 10% of the population goes through this trauma. In addition, the kidney stone, as the kidney stone is popularly known, affects many more men than women – most occurring between 20 and 40 years old.

Kidney stone symptoms

It is worth mentioning that the pain caused by kidney stones is described as uncontrollable. In general, people squirm, some even throw themselves on the floor, given the stress caused. However, in addition to indescribable pain, other symptoms can manifest, such as fever, vomiting, blood and pain when urinating, are commonly associated with this type of acute manifestation. So, in order to relieve these spasms and improve your health, I have listed some effective kidney stone treatments, want to see? Read on!

1. Drink more water

Water is essential in body hydration, as it helps in the transport of nutrients and contributes to the elimination of certain waste from the body. For example, when the stone is very small, it is naturally expelled by the simple act of drinking water.

2. Avoid drinking water

“What do you mean?”, You must be asking yourself. So, that’s exactly it. In times of crisis, it is essential to avoid drinking fluids. As a preventive measure, and also as a form of treatment, water is excellent. However, during renal colic, it complicates the patient’s life. Typically, cramps occur the moment the stones block the urinary tract. Many people believe that drinking water during a crisis helps the kidney to force the stone down. However, the measure is disastrous, because, at the time of the obstruction, the kidney filters the liquid, but there is no way to eliminate it. So there is swelling and a lot of pain.

3. Eat a balanced diet

As I reported, processed foods and drinks harm the lives of those who suffer from kidney stones. So avoid them, because they concentrate a significant amount of chemicals and sodium in the body. Salt favours the formation of kidney stones, so restricting or reducing it in meals will bring benefits, especially for those who suffer from hypertension. Another caution you need to take is calcium intake – it cannot be too little or too much. If you don’t know, in the intestine there is a significant concentration of a compound called oxalate. When it cannot find calcium, that compound simply leaves for the urinary system and sticks to the calcium there. Hence, the development of the dreaded stone begins. So, the correct intake of this element is essential for kidney health.

4. Get medical help

The size of the kidney stone is an important factor because it directs treatment. Generally, stones above 4 millimetres are expelled with the help of painkillers. In the case of those with more than 10 millimetres, surgical intervention is recommended. In the treatment of kidney stones, some precautions are essential to ensure kidney health and relief. Therefore, medical monitoring is also necessary, because, with the help of urologist in Ghaziabad, the patient is able to live well and better. Want to know more? I am available to answer any questions you may have and I will be very happy to answer your comments on this matter.