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Does masturbating every day prevent prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is, rightly, a health problem that scares men enough. The second most common type of tumour in males over 50 years of age. In addition, it is the second leading cause of tumour death among men worldwide, despite the fact that the problem has more than a 90% chance of cure if diagnosed early.

Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, not drinking, not smoking and consulting with a urologist in Noida periodically after the age of 40 are the main ways to protect yourself from prostate cancer. However, science is studying other ways to prevent the disease. And one of them can be something very simple and literally be in your hand.

Does masturbation prevent cancer?

Although it is not yet possible to state this categorically, it is very likely that the relationship exists. Research carried out at different universities has shown a correlation between the number of ejaculations and the reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.

Scientists have found that the incidence of the disease is lower in young people (20 to 30 years) who enjoy five to seven times a week and also in older men (in their 50s) who ejaculate once a week. However, this was only a correlation and it is not possible to guarantee 100% the benefit since factors such as food, physical activity and better medical care were not isolated in the studies and may have influenced the result.

Why can ejaculating protect your prostate?

One explanation is that when you ejaculate you eliminate toxins present in the semen. This decreases the amount of substances in the body that cause irritation and can lead to the appearance of tumours. It is not yet possible to determine whether there is a difference in the level of protection when ejaculation is the result of masturbation or sexual intercourse.