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What Is An Andrologist And What Pathologies Does It Treat?

The andrologist as his own name indicates is the specialist of Andrology. This speciality is based on the study, diagnosis and treatment of the functions of the male sexual organ as well as its reproduction. Therefore, andrologist is in charge of diagnosing and treating everything related to a man’s sexual life.

Is going to an andrologist the same as going to a urologist?

When a man suffers from any symptom related to his sexual function, he should go to an andrologist/sexologist in Noida to find a solution. Despite the fact that many people believe that Urology and Andrology are the same medical speciality, this is not entirely accurate.

It is true that a urologist in Noida is also a specialist in Andrology, but this is not always the case. In fact, Urology is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of all those conditions of the urinary system, both male and female.

However, the andrologist/sexologist in Ghaziabad is a specialist exclusively oriented to men, since he is exclusively in charge of the correct functioning of the male reproductive system in any age range.

Pathologies treated by the specialist in Andrology

As for the pathologies that sexologist in Greater Noida treats, they are all those related to male sexual health and his organ. Thus, the main conditions that can affect a man sexually and that would lead him to see an andrologist are:

In addition to these pathologies, the best sexologist in Noida carries out surgical treatments with different objectives. Among them, one of the most frequent and popular is vasectomy, the intervention for male contraception.

However, also, on the opposite side, the andrologist/sexologist in Vaishali is in charge of performing surgeries aimed at recovering fertility after a vasectomy such as the one known as a vasovasostomy. In addition to these interventions, he also performs other surgical procedures related to the male organ, such as the implantation of a penile prosthesis for severe erectile dysfunction or phimosis surgery.

In many occasions, taboos, shame and ignorance are the causes of which the men do not go adequately to the andrologist when they have symptoms of andrological pathology.

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