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The first visit to the urologist: what does it consist of?

Dr Shailendra Kumar Goel is the best urologist in Greater Noida. He has extensive experience of more than 20 years of urological problems and performed more than 15000 endoscopy procedures.

Anyone can consult him uro-sexual problems at his clinic DF-10, Duplex Flora Sector-108, Near Parx Laureate or Near CNG Pump, Sector-105, Noida.

Many men are still embarrassed about going to the urologist in Greater Noida. This makes some of them try to postpone their urological check-up as long as possible and even avoid it.

However, just as most women go to their regular gynecologist appointment or whenever they have a concern regarding their sexual or reproductive health, men should do the same with the best urologist in Greater Noida.

Especially, from the age of 50, when there is no history of urinary tumors or prostate cancer in the family.

If so, the recommended age for the first urologist visit should be advanced.

Thanks to these periodic urological check-ups, Dr. Shailendra Goel will be able to properly monitor the patient’s health, as well as diagnose any urological problem such as benign prostate hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction, and testosterone deficiency.

Also, detect pathologies that can be potentially serious in a little advanced stage.

However, beyond the periodic urological examination, men should always go to the urologist in Greater Noida before these warning signs:

  • difficulty or discomfort to urinate,
  • presence of blood in the urine or sperm,
  • pain in the testicles or perineum,
  • and problems with erection or ejaculation.

It is precisely sexual health disorders in men that usually generate the most taboo and, therefore, delay the visit to the best urologist in Greater Noida.

Even so, it should be remembered that erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or metabolic syndrome, so it should be controlled as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the lack of libido or the lack of energy, in general, can be caused by a testosterone deficit that can be corrected.

In this way, we must insist on the importance of consulting with the urologist and sexologist in Greater Noida before any sexual health problem.

But what exactly does the first visit to the urologist in Greater Noida consist of?

First, the specialist will ask you about your general health, family history of diseases, and lifestyle in order to take a complete medical history.

Next, he will consult you about the characteristics of the urine and, above all, if there are alterations in urination in terms of frequency, urgency, pain, or nocturia (the need to wake up at night to urinate).

Most likely, the urologist in Noida will also be interested in whether you have had urinary infections, lithiasis (stones in the urinary tract), or incontinence.

Likewise, he will be interested in your sexual life in order to detect any alteration that is hindering your intimate relationships.

During the visit, the urologist in Noida will also perform a general physical examination that will cover the penis, testicles, and prostate and may order additional tests such as a blood and urine test.

It is important to understand the importance of these urological examinations for your health and quality of life and to leave behind any reluctance that is preventing these routine medical visits.

In any case, remember that the best urologist in Greater Noida is here to advise you and that you know the best solutions to the problems that may arise, so do not hesitate to ask him anything that worries you.

In this way, if you have not yet performed your urinary urological check-up, we encourage you to consult the urologist in Greater Noida.


Phimosis: When is Surgery Necessary?

Do you know that excess skin that stays on the penis, making it difficult to expose the glans (head of the genital organ)? So, that’s phimosis. This condition is usually inherent in baby boys. However, in adolescence and, especially, in adulthood, it becomes a problem. Therefore, surgical intervention ends up being the solution for those who need to remove excess foreskin. In addition to discomfort, sexual performance problems, urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), phimosis is also responsible for the emergence of many other illnesses – among which is penis cancer.

The lack of hygiene is one of the conditions that favor the appearance of the neoplasia. However, many times, adolescents or men who go through this situation are unable to perform the cleaning properly. In other words, the picture is not always related to the lack of cleanliness. It can also be related to the limitation imposed by excess skin in the region. So, in order to remove obstacles and clarify doubts, urologist in Noida gives some reasons why the surgery is necessary. 

Is there a way to prevent phimosis?

Unfortunately, this is not a case of prevention. The formation of this skin, which covers the head of the penis, occurs in the fetal phase. In other words, boys are already born with it.

What are the most suitable treatments?

In the first moment, urologist in Ghaziabad usually indicates corticosteroid ointments, because they have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Therefore, they facilitate the sliding of the skin over the glans. In a second step, the recommended treatment is the exercise of retracting the skin of the foreskin, which allows the skin to loosen gradually, without causing much pain. Generally, the practice is indicated for boys over 5 years old.

When is surgical intervention necessary?

Postectomy or circumcision, as this type of intervention is also called, is indicated when previous treatments have not produced satisfactory results. In general, the surgery to remove excess skin is simple, lasts about 30 minutes, and the procedure is done with local anesthesia. It can be general, depending on the context in which urologist in Greater Noida and patient find themselves. Although the recovery is a little painful, the patient is discharged the same day.

What are the advantages of phimosis surgery?

The first benefit, and perhaps one of the most important, is the possibility of complete hygiene of the genital organ, without hindrance, because it is no longer necessary to pull the skin. Another benefit of it, certainly, is the reduction of infections by sexual contact. But, of course, this does not dispense with the use of condoms. It is also worth mentioning that this operation must be done before adolescence, precisely to minimize trauma. As we have seen, phimosis brings numerous obstacles to the lives of adolescents and men. Therefore, surgery should not be postponed. In addition to the delay enhancing the problems, it also ends up compromising the psychological side of those who go through it. 

Want to know more? I am available to answer any questions you may have and I will be very happy to respond to your comments on this matter.